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Back in "Home Base" (Lansing, Michigan and local places visiting family & friends)

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

We returned to our "home base" of Lansing, Michigan on May 31. Here are some photos from our visits with family & friends.

Home base has been characterized by lots and lots of "business" (medical appointments, bureaucracy, etc.) and visits with family & friends. Here's the last half of June.

In July, I've continued to visit with family and friends, and attend to business. I had an enjoyable day with my daughter, Kate, when she attended a Spinners meeting nearby. I was impressed by the community of spinners - freely offering their time and expertise to each other.

Here are some photos of Kate & Ben's garden.

While Paul continues on his motorcycle trip out West, I traveled to Louisville, the home of most of my relatives, and the place I spent much of my childhood in. Here are some photos.

Birthday ice cream!

I visited Cincinnati with my aunt and uncle. Soon, I will fly to Seattle to join Paul.

The day before leaving, I made a super-quick trip to Evansville, Indiana (where I grew up) to pick up quilts a high school friend put together from fabric strips family members signed in 1993-94. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to reach out to other friends in the area, because I had to teach that night. Here are some photos from this final trip in the region.


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Jul 11, 2022

Hi world travelers!! The gardens are very nice, blooming in summer! Lots of nice visits -- lots like fun! You and Paul look really good! The lifestyle obviously agrees with you!!

Love and kisses, Marcia

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