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Cruise photos part 2 - Samoa to Sydney, AU

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

These are the last of the photos from the cruise. I posted a photo album Seattle to Hawaii. I've also posted a lot of the Pacific Island photos in the "Mountains on One Side, Ocean on the Other" post and some in the post about food in the ports. Here are the remaining photos from Samoa, Fiji, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea and also photos from Cairns and Airlie Beach in Australia.

In Samoa, the highlight of our one-day visit was the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum. Paul took this one of me on the porch, which he captioned, "I have a novel idea."

I posted some photos from Apia, Samoa, previously, but here are others:

Some sunset photos from the ship outside Apia:

Photos from Suva. Notice the bats on the trees in the botanical gardens.

Here are some photos from Lautoka, the other side of the main island (called Viti Levu).

Pictures from New Caledonia, including some close-ups of the construction of the Cultural Centre and models of the design:

Papau New Guinea: Alotau

Conflict Islands, Papua New Guinea. This is one of the most beautiful places I've been. It is privately owned and has limited access. They do a lot of education with local populations and work on environmental programs. I snorkeled here and the coral, fish and other reef life (including turtles) was abundant and beautiful. I didn't take photos undersea, but you can see some of the reef just walking on the jetty and looking in, and I've got some of those photos here.

Some random photos from sea days, wine tastings, and dinners on the ship. At this point, I'm having trouble remembering which day is which.

A day walking through downtown Cairns.

We visited the art museum in Cairns. It was terrific, featuring local artists.

Airlie Beach. Sign said the Mojito was voted the best in the world, and it was pretty amazing. So was the "Very Dark and Stormy" and the thai fish curry.

We visited the art museum in Cairns

We sailed into Sydney Harbor on 7 November, 2022. Photo from bow of ship and last photo taken on the deck of the ship, at night. The rest of the Sydney photos will be in a new album. We disembarked on 8 November, 2022.


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