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Rocinante, What's in a Name?

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Our domain name is Rocinante is from Cervante’s book Don Quixote. Rocinante is an old work horse who the Don sees as a magnificent steed. So these two old horses are not ready for the pasture. We look to the future seeking exploration and adventure. We have sold our house, cars, and many of our larger pieces of furniture and put the rest in 250 square foot (23 sq. meters) of storage. We are currently in Lisbon for 2 months, then London for 6 weeks, then Paris for a week, and then Helsinki for a month.

This website will host our travel blog where we will talk about our experiences, great food, and share lots of pictures. I will post some articles about how we finance our new lifestyle. Over the years I have developed computer models that allow us to confidently travel and know we can afford our journey. We have joined the ranks the likes of ‘Digital Nomads’ , ‘Senior Nomads’., ‘Location Independents’ , ‘Fulltime Travelers’, ‘Permanent Travelers’, and ‘Remote Workers’. There are about 3 million Americans who continuously travel the world and we have gained a lot by reading their blogs and viewing their YouTube channels.

We hope to travel for the next decade. I will blog about planning and the value of thinking longer term For example, we are doing what is described as slow traveling. We plan to try to stay at each place for 1-3 months. This helps minimize the cost per day for accommodations. It also increases the time between traveling to the next destination reducing average cost per day of transportation. After all we have plenty of time to visit everywhere we desire. Of course as long as we stick to the budget.

So please visit our blog from time to time. Hope to see you on the road.

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