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The best meal we've had in Lisbon (so far)

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

We've had a lot of good meals, but the best was at Biarro do Avillez, a pricy (but worth it) restaurant near our apartment. They actually have several restaurants: a bar, a pizza place and Pateo, which is where we ate.

We had a variety of small dishes, with a nice white wine: amazing bread & olives, lobster & avocado salad, and clams cooked in garlic and lemon. Then, we shared curried chickpeas and a pork steak served with the inevitable french fries (batatas frites) and a wonderful tomato salad.

Finally, chocolate cake with a glass of brandy and a glass of dessert wine (who can decide?) But hey, just one piece of cake, shared!

Everything was full of flavor. While we paid more than usual, the service was excellent, the food was tasty, and the atmosphere was terrific. We enjoyed our short walk home.



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