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Travels with My Ukelele

Updated: May 27, 2023

When I was 10 years old, my Aunt Doll bought me an ukelele. I taught myself some basic chords out of a book and learned some songs, and enjoyed it. After a few years, I stopped playing. After I went to college, the instrument was given away. Decades later, Paul bought me an ukelele for Christmas, 2017. It looks like this:

We were in New Zealand and it was at home, so I didn't even see it until the end of April, 2018. On our way home that year, we stopped in Hawaii and we booked an Airbnb experience - ukelele lessons on Maui. This was when I was introduced to the incredibly talented Pamela Polland.

Fast forward a couple of years. I had bought some books and tinkered with the instrument but didn't really play it. At Paul's suggestion, I contacted Pamela to schedule a lesson. I have taken lessons every few weeks from December, 2020 - with a three-month break at the end of 2021. Pamela has helped me understand the instrument and find joy in exploring my own musical abilities.

Friends frequently ask me to post myself playing. I haven't felt ready to do that, but I get so much enjoyment from playing I have decided to try posting a few songs on my travels. Bear in mind I am still very much a beginner - both with my voice and my ukelele.

You can see my first video here:

A couple of notes about the instrument. My main ukelele (the one Paul bought me for Christmas) is a beautiful blue acoustic with a sweet voice. But, I was concerned about taking it on our extensive travels. So, I bought a carbon fiber uke, which is the one I am playing in the video. It is nearly indestructible. I carry it on airplanes as my personal item.


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