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Our favorite eating spots in Louisville, Kentucky

We have been in Louisville since early March.  Here are some of the restaurants we’ve really enjoyed while we’ve been here. Note: this is not meant to be a comprehensive list of Louisville restaurants.  Just some places we’ve really liked.


Best bagels: Maya Bagel,, 3029 POPLAR LEVEL ROAD LOUISVILLE, KY 40217 (OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 6AM TO 3PM)  Maya Bagels is a local, family-owned business.  They serve fresh bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and Peet’s coffee. 

Best coffee:  Abol Café,  Abol is a locally-owned café.  The owner roasts Ethiopian coffee in the shop, and prepares pour-over coffee, espresso drinks, and specialty teas.  In addition to delicious coffee (we love the pour-over), he also serves excellent Ethiopian food.  Everything can be made vegan or vegetarian if you wish.  102 ½ Cannons Lane,Louisville, KY, 40206. Abol is open daily 8:30am to 4pm, and stays open until 8:30pm on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Best ramen: Chik’n & Mi, Another locally-owned restaurant, Chik’n & Mi is owned by a married  couple who met at the Culinary Institute of America in New York.  Our waiter told us one of them is from Laos and one is from Texas.  There are several ramen choices, including miso, pork, and curry.  You can get added hot spice and garlic, both very strong.  The side dishes, chicken and desserts are also great. 1765 Mellwood Ave, Louisville, KY, Dinner: Monday – Thursday 4 - 9PM, Friday & Saturday 4 - 10PM, Brunch: Saturday & Sunday10 - 3PM.

Best hot brown: The Brown Hotel,  We will be serving mini-hot browns at the reception, but the original is served at The Brown Hotel. A Louisville icon. 335 WEST BROADWAY LOUISVILLE, KY 40202.

Best sit-down breakfast: The Café on Brent.  This café is located in a large space in Paristown.  The atmosphere is relaxed, the food is delicious and generously proportioned.  As a bonus, Louisville Stoneware shares the space.  731 Brent St.  Daily 8am-5pm for breakfast & lunch, 5pm-9pm for dinner.  This honor would have gone to Toast on Market, but sadly, it has recently closed.  It was amazing.

Runner up: Biscuit Belly,  Located at 900 E. Main, this restaurant has high-end biscuits and gravy with unusual gravies. You can also get eggs and a variety of other breakfast foods.

Best Mexican restaurant for lunch: La Catrina in Jeffersonville, Indiana.  Paul & I have taken several walks across the Big Four bridge into Jeffersonville.  La Catrina offers good food, especially fish tacos, guacamole, and drinks.  If it is a nice day, crossing the pedestrian bridge is a great way to see the breadth of the Ohio River, and La Katrina is a nice stop before crossing back.

Best Mexican restaurant for dinner: Noche.  The restaurant is located in an old historic cathedral and the decor as well as the food are amazing.  1838 Bardstown Rd.  Located in The Highlands neighborhood.  

Best relaxed dinner spot:  Café Lou Lou in Nulu  This café celebrates the Louisville-New Orleans connections, offering a variety of cuisine from both cities plus home-made pizza.  Lots of good bourbon drinks as well. 

812 E. Market (other locations as well).

Best burger: Grind.  Really good burgers. Also located in the Nulu neighborhood.  829 E. Market. 

Best Mediterranean food: The Grape Leaf, The Grape Leaf offers a variety of traditional middle eastern fare, with vegetarian and vegan options. 2217 Frankfort Ave.  Closed on Tuesdays.

Best bakery for morning pastries: Nord’s Bakery.   Kim remembers these pastries from when she was a child.  Delicious. Bonus: Sunergo’s coffee is next door, offering a nice atmosphere and espresso coffee.  

Best candy shop: Muth’s.  If you’re looking for bourbon balls (and really, you should be), this is the place.  Also dark-chocolate covered nut clusters, and my Grandmother’s favorite, Modjeskas. My Grandmother loved this place.  All you need to know. 630 E. Market St.  Closed on Sundays and Mondays.




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