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Paris, France May 1-2022 - May 5, 2022

Paris was not our usual slow travel stop. We had family members visiting Paris, and we stopped to visit the city with them on our way to Helsinki. It was fun and intoxicating to visit this special place with Paul and our family members, but exhausting to depart from our slow travel norms. We were up every day early, sightseeing four days in a row. We left knowing we will come back, and looking forward to unpacking our suitcases in our Helsinki flat.

Day 1: Eurostar (train) from London to Paris; dinner with family, walk in Jardin de Tuileries and dessert and drinks.

Day 2: Walk along the Seine, visit to Conciergerie (first royal castle built in 12th century and site of Bastille prison), visit to La Sainte Chappelle to see its unrivaled windows, walk by the worst part of the destruction of Notre Dame, where they are rebuilding, then walk back to hotel and dinner with family.

Day 3: La Tour Eiffel, Notre Dame, walk on Rive Gauche for food and Metro to Arc De Triomphe; walk back to hotel.